Do you carry a folding or fixed blade knife for self defence? If so, proceed with caution. For your chain of defence is as strong as the weakest link. Self defense is partly about fray & partly about the aftermath.

The knife is considered deadly force. Oh yes! Do not fantasize about the courts making an exception in your case. They won’t. In fact, just the opposite will happen. The courts will do EVERYTHING in their power to find you guilty. Yes indeed! Before you pull the steel, you’d best be prepared to act as a PROFESSIONAL, not some bozo with a blade.
By professional I mean do your homework on the legal ramifications of that level of force and seek legal advice on when & how you can defend yourself. In order for you to be justified to use the knife as a civilian your life must be in imminent jeopardy. If you have the chance to leave the scene then get out! Avoidance is best. Duh!
If you cannot leave I’d like you to consider a few things:
Is the knife you carry legal? If it isn’t time to buy a new knife. Preferable is a non-tactical looking knife; utility style, but combat worthy. What you don’t want is the knife to be construed as a fighting design. Also beware of knives that can be opened by the flick of the wrist. You can get burned my friend…
Intention: Never carry anything for the purpose of self-defence against humans. It’s okay to carry tools as protection from dogs… it’s okay to carry a knife for cutting cardboard boxes at work. But never-ever for protection against humans. That intention is frowned upon by the law, dig?
If & when you pull your knife are you prepared to use it?
I have used knives to deter adversaries. On one occasion 25 years ago a truck-load of jocks decided I looked like an easy target; Skinny 13 year old kid in combat boots walking in a field. Let me tell you 3 young men approached me yelling threats. I revealed my fixed blade Ka-Bar, dropping my chin & going into a combat position… they made the right decision & went back to the truck. In that case the knife was a life-saving tool. Not life taking. A knife is not good nor bad. In my life I have used it for both. Nowadays I thank my lucky stars that I survived the tough times & am a free man. If you have ever been locked up in jail, then you’ll know what I mean when I say NOTHING is better than FREEDOM.
So I leave you with this song. May you continue to train hard & smart & I’m sure you will make the right decision.
Your friend in the arts,

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