Welcome to 2014

I am back

Hello all eight of my loyal blog readers. How have all of you been? As you know I had taken a pretty large break from writing the blog in the last year. I want to give you some fantastic reason like I was far too busy with stuff or was perfecting the coolest new martial arts technique…but I wasn’t. I personally just do not identify as a writer. So this has been pushed to the back burner of my priority list. BUT NO MORE!

Things are a changing though. KPC Self Defense (name change as of September, in case you are not in the loop) will be back in the blog business myself and a bunch of awesome guest writers will be bringing you the freshest point of views. As well as adding a video segment called Randy’s Rant and a monthly (to start) pod cast called Reality based self defense talk or #RBSDtalk for all you tweeters. Where we will be bringing on world renowned fighters, martial artists and people in general to chat about the current state of self defense.

My promise to you, my readers is to get you new content once a week at least. We there in video or blog form. So to help me out if you have any questions or want me to write anything specific in the blog or film a rant about something that pisses you off in martial arts, get a hold of me and if your request is not to ridiculous, I will do the research write or yell and give my limited yet amazing point of view on whatever you want you know.

Shoot emails to; r.king@kpcombat.ca

Lastly before we finish this off KPC will be brining in a bunch of amazing teachers and personalities to Edmonton this year so stay tuned for our seminar announcements as they are pretty awesome this year! Or just head to the websitehttps://www.kpcombat.ca/news-events/ and see for yourself.

Randy King


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