Stop Shit Talking MMA

This goes out to all the other reality-based martial arts instructors in the world – it’s time to stop shit talking mixed martial arts!

It’s very easy to take potshots at traditional martial arts like karate, and kung fu, but it seems even easier to take shots at mixed martial arts.  I don’t know if it’s because they’re popular, I don’t know if it’s because you feel they’re affecting your business, I don’t know if you feel that maybe you want to do it secretly but would never tell anybody that, but it’s time to stop.


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If only they knew what was inside.

There’s a lot of great things that come out of mixed martial arts.  Mixed martial arts creates amazing athletes; they test stuff a lot, and it’s an amazing entertainment system.  Picking on mixed martial arts is like telling a person “a knight would be a shitty fighter if he was on a boat”.  Of course he would be, he’s wearing armour, he can’t go in the water, he needs to be mobile.  Your system is not going to work in a mixed martial arts ring, just as a mixed martial arts system is not going to work in your environment (whatever that environment might be).

Every martial arts system is based on environment and intent.  Mixed martial arts is perfect for their environment and for their intent.  They are in a ring, they have rules, and everything in it is amazing.  They train hardr than most reality-based martial artists do.  They’re in the gym six hours a week, sometimes ten, they have to cut weights, they have so many other benefits that we don’t.  We get to be sloppy and say “oh yeah, if he came at me, I would do this and I would do that” and in reality, if you met a giant heavyweight mixed martial artist in a ring, I don’t care how good your system is, unless your level of training is equal, you’re going to get decimated.

So what we’re talking about here now is what-ifs.  Every single reality-based instructor uses what-ifs to justify what he does.  “Sure – you could go take that mixed martial arts class, but what if the guy has a knife?”  If you’re worried about people with knives, hopefully your clientele are smart enough not to go to mixed martial arts.  And if they do go to mixed martial arts, they’re gonna learn really quickly they’re not gonna get what they’re looking for.

Trying to convert people to what your thought process is, is the worst possible way to gain any type of client.  What you want to do is cultivate the people you need, in your area.  Older gentlemen, ladies, sometimes children – depends what you’re looking for.  But to use slander and to start devaluing somebody else’s accomplishments to make you feel better about what you do and the choices you’ve made is petty and it’s terrible.


Please Brah, your system doesn’t even have a tank defence, You should train here.

I think more of us – especially in reality-based self defense – should train more like mixed martial artists.  Dedicate more time into it, look at strength and conditioning programs, become a little bit more competitive.  Obviously what we teach can’t be done in a ring, but you sound like a dick when you say “Oh, I would totally be in mixed martial arts, but I’m way too deadly for the ring!”


Fat Guy


Your job as an instructor, as a coach, is to take the skill set they have with the skills that you teach, and put it in the environment you want.  We don’t have mats in my gym  The reason why is because there’s concrete outside.  I’m not saying mats are bad.  We don’t teach comprehensive takedowns, we don’t teach a lot of groundwork, we teach you how to get up.  We want people in that mindset.

That’s your job.  Using MMA as a scapegoat is probably the lowest thing I’ve ever seen.  You need to respect the other athletes, we need to respect the other martial arts.  They are in the same world you’re in.  There is no end all or be all to martial arts – there isn’t!  There is no system that is perfect, if there was, we’d all be doing it!


Mixed martial’s perfect for their environment.  They get to train, and do what they want to do, and prove to themselves at the ultimate epitome and the ultimate throne of social violence that they’re the best.

If you’re teaching people how to stop muggings, then yes, that is not what they do.  Should your students be going there?  No.  Caution and degradation are two separate things.


Randy King

Randy King


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