Should you be teaching women?

I’m just wondering … are you teaching women properly?

All right Randy, what do you mean by am I teaching women properly, of course I am, I’m teaching them how to punch and how to kick and do everything they’re supposed to do.

The problem with it is that even though we don’t like to think so, men and women are different.  They have different physiology, they have a different reaction when happen stress happens, and they have different anatomical parts, right?

So, are you keeping these in mind?  Do you understand the difference between a male and a female adrenaline dump?  Do you understand that adrenaline affects men differently than women?  Do you understand that the violence that happens to men and the violence that happens to you as a male instructor is different than the violence that happens to females and women instructors?  Do you understand that there’s gonna be different issues that arise when a girl is training?  Do you understand that since adrenaline rush is different, and that tears seem common with your female students – it is common, and it’s totally normal and your eyes water too, they just water during the event and not after?

These are all extremely important questions you need to ask if you’re teaching women, especially if you’re teaching women’s self defense.  If you’re teaching women how to compete, you have to understand that they cannot pump up or amp up like you amp up.  They amp up in a different way.  A good coach is going to know this, without understanding any of the biochemistry in the women, they’re going to understand that she doesn’t react the way I do.

But some people force what they think, and what works for them on other people, and if you’re a guy teaching a girl, or a girl teaching a guy, you’re not – the benefit might not be the same unless you understand the differences between us.

Women adrenalize much more slowly than men.  men adrenalize almost instantaneously, as soon as the action happens – boom  they’re ready to go, they’re pumped up, they got the jitters.  Women might be totally calm for the whole fight and then after be shaky and weird and we’re gonna attribute that to them being girls or some kind of  weakness and it’s not true.  They just hit their adrenaline spike differently.

So – if you don’t understand that women adrenalize different, women have different flexing regions, women’s wrists are even designed different, and if you don’t get that they’re gonna face different things than you’re gonna face – you should not be teaching self defense, or really anything, to women.

Make sure you’re up to date, you know what’s going on, and that you’re giving your students the best benefit.  Each student will be taught differently as you should know – especially man to woman.

Randy King


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