Self Defense 101

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Starts March 24, 2020 and runs Tues/Thurs at 7pm for 8 weeks

Self Defense 101 - Regular Price


Start Date Is: March 24, 2020, LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE!

Why train at KPC?

– Fun and friendly group environment!
– Our program is designed for your needs no matter what your size, shape or fitness level
– The most realistic training you can safely get in handling real world violence
– Entertaining, highly-trained, and experienced full-time coaching staff
– Programs designed for the most common self-defense situations in North America
– No mandatory gear, extra sessions, or hidden costs
– Class discounts for students, EMS, military, fire fighters and law enforcement!
– Adult ONLY classes!
– Edmonton’s first reality-based self defense gym Est. 2005


Our Self Defense 101 program is the ultimate crash course on all you need to know about defending yourself from “lower order” predators and thugs in the first world. In this highly popular program taught all over the world, you will gain knowledge and physical skills to help you deal with your personal reality. In this program we cover the Legal and Ethical ramifications of violence, as well as how to identify the type of violence you may be targeted by, how to deal with a blitz/ambush style attack, what to do against the most common attacks from knives, sticks and hand guns as well as how to escape some of the most common restraint positions. This program will give you all the tools you need to stop the most common types of violent encounters with your newly developed and STRESS TESTED physical skills, and will let you walk around with a better understanding of the world around you.

Who is this For: 

Beginners: NO PREVIOUS MARTIAL ARTS EXPERIENCE NEEDED, this is a ground up introductory class to get you ready for the Progressive Self Defense system. Do this class as a one-off, or use it to continue training with KPC. The class is designed for people with absolutely no experience. Self Defense 101 is a requirement to start training in the Progressive Self Defense system.

Fitness Level Required: Low to Medium.

Themes Covered: 7 Aspects of Self Defense,  The Most Common Attacks, Surviving the Ambush, Knife defense, Stick defense, Gun disarms, Counter restraint training.

Class Duration: 55 minutes.

Gear Required: No gear is needed.

What Should I Wear: Wear anything you feel comfortable to train in.

Potential Triggers: Working with strangers, medium contact, being on the ground, offensive language, yelling, and simulated choking

Evaluation: Skills assessment at the end of the program. Must pass to progress to higher level courses.

Spaces Available: Yes