My thoughts on ISIS.

So I have been getting a lot of questions about the video that the terrorist group ISIS released. People are worried as they actually mentioned our country in it.

First off the job of terrorist is to cause terror. This group seems much more equipped to do it with it mastery of social media as well as it trained troops and aggressive and very successful recruiting.

That being said. With this “call to arms” sent out. I get why people are becoming frightened. Especially since they Actually mentioned Canada by name…. Making it seem way more closer to home and actually our problem. Let’s keep in mind though, one viral video will not turn a sane person into a killer. Even though granting permission is a powerful way to invoke an action, most people are not going to be just randomly shooting up the town just cause someone said so.

This video did not increase fanatics or generate more people willing to kill. It just informed the world that bad people are out there, and they might be in your city. The crazy thing is that THEY ALWAYS EXISTED. This is why terrorism is so powerful it forces you to open your eyes and see the world how it is. Some of us can’t take that.we love our perfect illusion.

There is no real self defense way I can give you to avoid a random attack that would not shut your life down completely. Having us live in fear of attack is exactly the major agenda of these types of groups. Stay aware, pay attention when you go places (know the exits), learn predator cues and body language and Then just keep living your life.

Please keep in mind that extremist in any religion are a small chunk of the total population, this is not a religious thing it is a social and economic issue with a religious banner held at the forefront for justification. Just as I would not want white Christians being judged on the actions of the KKK, Muslims should not be judged by the actions of ISIS.



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