Hand Speed/ The Paliwoda Drill

We do a lot of one on one session at KPC in a variety of subjects. Last month a new challenge presented itself. A student asked if I had any hand speed drills to help him with football. As we all know the Filipino arts are known for their “fast hands”. So with that in mind CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Since at KPC we are more students of movement than technique it was a pretty easy fix.  We adapted a training sequence from the Silent fighter set of Professor Kelly Worden and isolated all of the hand speed drills then created a sport specific sequence for the Silent fighter. Here is what we came up with:
(Please note you would need some familiarity with the silent fighter sequence to use this drill the explanation below is abridged.)

Paliowda Drill
1. Intercept R
2. Intercept L
3. Swinging gate R
4. Pass Palm
5. Swinging gate L
6. Pass to center
7. Palm Elbow R
8. Palm Elbow L
9. Salute Knee R
10. Salute Knee L
11. 5 palm strikes (or Straight blast) R
12. 3 Blocks (inside check, outside check, forward)
13. Palm Elbow R
14-16 Repeat 11-13 with Left lead
17. Pak Drill.

We ran this drill over and over again, first in stages and then all at once. Combined with free flow stick work from Kalis Ilustrisimo we, after only 8 sessions saw amazing results in hand speed!



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