As  you all know I just got back from the states filming the first chunk of our documentary: What is Reality Based Self Defense. When we were on this trip we had the honor of getting to chat with some real greats. I am going to use this blog post to give a quick intro on each of the three amazing people We interviewed:
Our first stop was my mentor and world renowned Filipino martial artist Professor Kelly S. Worden. Professor Worden has been my instructor for the last 7 years, which made this visit more of a home coming than anything else. I would have to say that this interview was by far the most fun and energetic one that we had the pleasure of doing. Professor Worden has been known to be out spoken and this interview he was exactly that! We only spent about 4 hours with the professor on this trip which is no where near enough time to begin to tap the amazing information that he has to offer.Check the Professor out at:
Next on the docket and by far the most challenging to pin down was the legendary Professor. He was the unicorn of this trip by far. Professor Trigg had not actually agreed to do our documentary a head of time so we were not even sure if he was in town. We got Professor Worden to call a head to tell Prof Trigg that were coming down. Prof Worden said that even he has trouble getting a hold of Professor Trigg. So hopes were low, but after multiple phone calls and waiting we finally got a hold of the extremely humble (with no right to be) legend. I would say of the three interviews Professor Trigg’s was the most humbling. The Professor has touched hands with so many legendary that it would be a blog all on its own. Trying to get the Professor to talk about his own achievements is quite nearly impossible. But he has an amazing knowledge base and was just a pleasure to be around.
The last stop on our trip was to meet up with Rory Miller, if you do not know Rory..and you should if you are interested in reality based training at all. Rory has written three books on self defense; Meditations on violence, Facing Violence and Scaling Force. I recommend that you read all of these and they are mandatory reading for any KPC instructor.This interview was and probably will be the most controversial. Rory is probably one of the most intelligent people I have ever meet and honestly the footage we got from him was amazing. Plus the opportunity to just chat and pick his brain was invaluable to me as an instructor and martial artist. But Rory has a lot of opinions on training and martial arts that will not sit well with others. I love that he shaking up the current thought process out there and I am looking forward to chatting with him again soon! To learn more about Rory check out:
Well that is who we went and saw in the states on this round of interviews. I am very lucky to know so many amazing and influential people and with all of the information I have gained on this trip I am excited to start the new year off right at KPC. Happy holidays and stay safe over this Christmas season.


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