Punching in a Street fight

Should I punch in a real life fight? This question has been asked in every martial arts studio the world over. With varying answers from each instructor. The answer is usually based on the traditions within the system or preference of the instructor. You in fact probably already have a preference that is deeply rooted [...]

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Hand Speed/ The Paliwoda Drill

We do a lot of one on one session at KPC in a variety of subjects. Last month a new challenge presented itself. A student asked if I had any hand speed drills to help him with football. As we all know the Filipino arts are known for their "fast hands". So with that in [...]

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NSI Newsletter Article

The bar is loud another busy night.  I get a call on the radio.  Some guy in a shiny shirt is too drunk and too angry, looking to hurt anyone who looks at him funny.  I start talking to him and quickly realize that it will go no where. I start barking orders, we stare [...]

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Hello and welcome to the KPC blog! We will be posting tips, tricks, and various other articles all about the world of martial arts, specifically self defense. Check back here for some free training, how to videos and other information posts. We hope to see you around, and TRAIN HARD!

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