Reaction Time 101

The faster we can counter attack, the safer we become. This very basic knowledge is in essence the core of every reality based system. Everyone system is trying to shorten the reaction gap. Two major principals are applied to explain how this works and why we do it. The first is the OODA loop that [...]

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Interview 2013

Interview with Randy King of KPC Martial Arts in Canada TT: Thank you Mr. Randy King for joining Tribal Triangle for an interview. You’re a busy guy with your training facility in Edmonton, AB (Can). Plus you provide security for events don’t you? RK: No problem at all! Thanks for asking me. Yes, we do [...]

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Lets Talk Adrenaline

“Adrenaline Dump” is one of the most thrown around terms used in reality based self defense. It seems to be the go-to that people use when they want to poke holes in other systems. I, as an RBSD instructor, don’t agree entirely with this blanket term so I figured… Let’s talk adrenaline. Let’s start at [...]

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The Backyard Complex

Not knowing what you had until it’s gone is a very common literal device. There are countless stories of people who had everything they could ever want,  but didn’t realize it until it was gone. In my years in martial arts, I have found that this very same phenomenon is built right into our martial [...]

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Is It Reality Based

As always, when something hits big, everyone wants a piece of the pie. Take a look at Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). I remember, when MMA first went big, every single gym in my hometown opened up a program. They all wanted a piece of the pie, even if the instructor had no clue how to [...]

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It is not what you train it is how you train it

We have all heard the saying never talk religion or politics in polite company, well to that statement we need to add a third option: martial arts. There are somethings that people get so rooted in, it is better to just walk away than engage. As a life long martial artist I have been having [...]

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Assassination fit week one.

As stated in all of our social media I am starting the Assassin Fit 5 week program. I want to track my results to see if the program is any good or just another money grab. Even though Mukai Maromo (The Afrikan assassin) is a good friend of mine, I call a spade a spade. [...]

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Visualization and Self Defence Training by Paul Donnelly

One of the first things they teach you in emergency vehicle operation courses, during skid control training is to aim for the horizon- focus on where you want to be, not what you want to avoid. When snowboarding or mountain biking down a hill, one of the common strategies is to pick your line and [...]

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Welcome to 2014

I am back Hello all eight of my loyal blog readers. How have all of you been? As you know I had taken a pretty large break from writing the blog in the last year. I want to give you some fantastic reason like I was far too busy with stuff or was perfecting the [...]

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Water and Steel!

What are you doing this Labour Day long weekend? Well it is that time of year again, summer. This means sunny days, long nights, time spent on the patio, at the beach, and of course training! That is right, training. Summer always has a host of workshops, intensive seminars, and boot camps. In fact there [...]

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