Assassination fit week one.

As stated in all of our social media I am starting the Assassin Fit 5 week program.

I want to track my results to see if the program is any good or just another money grab.
Even though Mukai Maromo (The Afrikan assassin) is a good friend of mine, I call a spade a spade. Though I have no doubt this program will kick my butt.

Here is my base line:

Walking in at 231.5 lbs (104.8 kg)

Neck: 16″ (40.64cm)
Shoulders: 48″ ( 121.92cm)
Chest: 44″ (111.76cm)
Upper arm; L: 15.75″ (40cm) R: 16″ (40.6cm)
Forearm; R+L: 11.75″ (29.8cm)
Waist: 42″ (106.68cm)
Hips: 43.75″ (111.12cm)
Butt: 41.5″ (105.41cm)
Thighs; R+L: 24.75″ (62.86 cm)
Calves; R+L: 17″ (43.18cm)

Now what I will be doing is following the Assassins program to the letter for the next five weeks as well as weekly:
2 hours of Muay Thai a week, with Mukai.
1 hour of wrestling.
1 hour training with the KPC instructors group.
1 hour with my assistant instructor (Thor).
1 hour of stretching.

I will also be calorie counting using my fitness pal on my iPhone and taking the following supplements:
Vitakic multi vitamins 3/day (not the recommended 5).
Glucosamine+ Chondrotin 100g.
Triple strength omega 3’s 900mg 1/day.

So this is ground zero. I will post another article next week on how the first week goes and will follow up every week for all 5 of them. I start this Monday!

Thanks for reading
Randy King


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