Water and Steel!

What are you doing this Labour Day long weekend?

Well it is that time of year again, summer. This means sunny days, long nights, time spent on the patio, at the beach, and of course training! That is right, training. Summer always has a host of workshops, intensive seminars, and boot camps. In fact there is so many, it can be a bit overwhelming! Allow me to give you a hand and recommend the best camp you can attend…. You’re welcome.

Water and Steel is by far one of the best experiences you can have in martial arts! The camp is held on Raft Island, Washington and has been going on every Labour Day long weekend for over 20 years! It is three amazing days of training, that will give you the opportunity to touch hands with the likes of Professor Kelly S. Worden and Professor Leonard Trig (go ahead, google em, I can wait). Plus a wide array of N.S.I. instructors and many other amazing martial artists (minus that Cell Block 6, he is the worst!)

This Three day camp is a game changer. The amount of people you get the opportunity to train with and learn from is intense. The camp covers probably the widest variety of material you will see at a seminar, plus you get lodging and AMAZING food worked right into the price!

Every time I leave Water and Steel I feel reinvigorated! I have new ways to train and fresh set of eyes to look at the traditional drills. Plus I remember how many people out there are WAY better than me and hey, who couldn’t use a little humbling every so often?

Honestly this camp is a must for anyone who really wants to up their game and become a better practitioner. Plus it is a STEAL of a deal at only $499.00 with a pre registration rate of $399.00 before August 15th, 2012. That is right only $399 gets you all the training, food and shelter for 3 days! How can you say no to that?

If you want an amazing training camp this summer and to meet an amazing group of people, then Water and Steel is for you! It is by far the best camp I have been to in my 20 years of martial arts training. W&S is above and beyond any experience I have ever attended and I recommend that you come and share it with us!

See you in Washington!

Randy “CB6” King




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