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Stop Using Fear to Profit


(written October 5, 2017) It has been an intense week. The largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history happened just a few days ago in Las Vegas. Just one day earlier, here in my hometown of Edmonton, we had a “terrorist” attack. Sadly, attacks like these are becoming more and more common. A lot of [...]

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Escape and Evasion


Every self defense program I’ve seen so far has an escape protocol to it; it has some part in the curriculum that mentions that escaping is a great idea, how to escape, where to escape, and what to do. I find, though, that most people don’t actually train to escape, and this becomes quite the [...]

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The Statistics Trap


If I can give you any advice as an instructor, it’s to not get stuck in the statistics trap. As a person who’s just living their life, in this age of disinformation, where we have way too many people telling us way too many things, it’s very easy to fact-check something over and over and [...]

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