Schedule and Events

Schedule and Events 2019-04-13T01:30:28+00:00

Knife Defense on the Ground Seminar

April 20, 2019     10am – 1pm

This seminar will cover knife defense from the extra disadvantage of being on the ground.

Knife Defense on Ground Seminar - April 20

KPC Program Schedule – from October 2018

Mondays and Wednesdays
6-7pm KPC Juniors (Ages 11-15)
7-8pm Dirty Boxing
8-9pm Monday – Open Class / Wednesday – Sparring (for those on unlimited contract)

Tuesdays And Thursdays
6-7pm KPC Kids (Ages 6-10)
7-8pm Self Defense 101
8-9pm Self Defense 102

7-8pm Project Get Up (Ground Defense)
8-9pm Wrestling