Seminar Safety Protocols

  As you know, I take safety very seriously at all of my seminars - both physical and psychological safety are paramount I feel for people to get the most out of their training. There is no reason that you should get injured while training to protect yourself from injury. I know that some of [...]

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The Number One Mistake Most Coaches Make When Teaching “Self Defense”

I honestly believe the number one mistake coaches are making when teaching self defense is teaching “moment in time” answers (specific techniques) only, instead of addressing the whole picture of a self defense encounter. Let’s be totally clear here - I have a very specific way that I define self defense, and to boil it [...]

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“Randy F$%ked Up” A testimonial about trigger warnings

So this blog is a transcription of the video that I put up on October 9th 2018 Video is embedded at the bottom of this post.   What is up everybody? Randy King here, but you know that, because you’re on my Patreon right now. This is gonna be one of the videos I put [...]

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Conflict Communications Christmas

12 Days of Christmas (Conflict Communications edition) on the 1st day of Christmas Con Com gave to me A brand new way for me to see... on the 2nd day of Christmas Con Com gave to me two kinds of asocial and a brand new way for me to see... on the 3rd day of [...]

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Stop Using Fear to Profit

(written October 5, 2017) It has been an intense week. The largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history happened just a few days ago in Las Vegas. Just one day earlier, here in my hometown of Edmonton, we had a “terrorist” attack. Sadly, attacks like these are becoming more and more common. A lot of [...]

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Escape and Evasion

Every self defense program I’ve seen so far has an escape protocol to it; it has some part in the curriculum that mentions that escaping is a great idea, how to escape, where to escape, and what to do. I find, though, that most people don’t actually train to escape, and this becomes quite the [...]

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The Statistics Trap

If I can give you any advice as an instructor, it’s to not get stuck in the statistics trap. As a person who’s just living their life, in this age of disinformation, where we have way too many people telling us way too many things, it’s very easy to fact-check something over and over and [...]

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Quit Moving Backwards When Training!

All right, so this is mostly for our reality-based self-defense fans. Any other sport science that trains, this isn’t going to work for you. Obviously if you are controlling the ring, moving backwards is a very sound tactic. If you saw the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather fight, the fact that Floyd Mayweather could move [...]

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Psychology Beats Biology

If you’ve trained at KPC, if you’ve seen us online, if you have read anything I’ve written, I have this one thing I say all the time, which is “psychology beats biology”.  I’d like to take a little time to explain that. This saying comes from the thought process that intent will almost always beat [...]

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Stop Using Titles!

If you are under fifty years of age - actually, if you’re under forty-five - stop using your martial arts title! You sound ridiculous. Use coach, use instructor, use your name, sir is fine, but making people call you “Grand Master Laser Lotus 8” is over - those times are done! People, especially in our [...]

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