Quit Moving Backwards When Training!

All right, so this is mostly for our reality-based self-defense fans. Any other sport science that trains, this isn’t going to work for you. Obviously if you are controlling the ring, moving backwards is a very sound tactic. If you saw the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather fight, the fact that Floyd Mayweather could move [...]

Psychology Beats Biology

If you’ve trained at KPC, if you’ve seen us online, if you have read anything I’ve written, I have this one thing I say all the time, which is “psychology beats biology”.  I’d like to take a little time to explain that. This saying comes from the thought process that intent will almost always beat [...]

Stop Using Titles!

If you are under fifty years of age - actually, if you’re under forty-five - stop using your martial arts title! You sound ridiculous. Use coach, use instructor, use your name, sir is fine, but making people call you “Grand Master Laser Lotus 8” is over - those times are done! People, especially in our [...]

Be a Better Training Partner!

You hit your martial arts class, you’re excited to learn new stuff, you’re excited to train, you’re excited to be there!  What do most people find is the worst part of training?  It’s being the person getting beaten up.  I’ve always said the best part of martial arts is “my turn”.  So, you do something [...]


The term “expert” gets thrown around a lot.  On the internet, on pieces of paper, on certificates, on promo material, on Facebook … everywhere there’s a self-defense “expert”.  To me, in this field, there will never be an expert, and, to quote Rory Miller, “if they are an expert in the field, I think they [...]

How Do You Train For Escape?

Every single self-defense gym, reality-based, traditional self-defense, MMA - everybody always talks about escaping, and avoidance, and awareness, and articulation of force and all of these things.  I find a problem in a lot of gyms - maybe not your gym in particular but a lot - is that people mostly just pay lip service [...]

Your Concept of Violence

What do I mean by “your concept of violence”?  Well, every single person has a different thought process of what violence is. And when they go looking for a self-defense or a martial arts gym, they extrapolate that into what they’re looking for. There’s a reason why karate, jujutsu, krav maga, kickboxing, kung fu, exist [...]

Stop Using Fear Based Marketing!

Reality-based martial artists, stop it. Stop using fear-based marketing, you’re a bunch of asses. I cannot stand people using fear as a motivator to make people buy things from them. Why – why do you feel the need to frighten people all the time about violence when, statistically speaking, they’re probably never gonna see it? [...]

Conditioning, Training, What is the difference?

What is training, and what is conditioning? Training is what you're used to doing at most martial arts classes. Training is something that happens systematically. It comes from your art, whatever style you’re putting reps into, and there’s usually a step-by-step process to get you to the point that your instructor needs you. Whether it is [...]